Meet the Team

TEDxAlpharettaWomen is organised by a core team of dedicated volunteers – the changemakers and optimists, the community connectors and creatives.

TEDx brings the spirit of TED’s mission of ideas worth spreading to local communities across the globe. TEDx events are organised independently under a free license granted by TED and include live speakers and recorded TED talks.  

The core team here at TEDxAlpharettaWomen is made up of curious individuals who work to create experiences inspired by TED and the community we love. Driven by passion and curiosity, we are from the world of social entrepreneurs, HR professionals , designers, healthcare specialists, technology experts, student leaders and everything in between.  

As a volunteer-led non-profit organization, we are keen to deliver events inspired by TED philosophy with our deeply held values of respect and collaboration with the wider network of supporters that includes our sponsors and over 30 volunteers who make up our ‘Tribe’ – the glue that holds us together for collective success.

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Core Team

Aswini Oliver: Cheif Organizer and Content Curator An optimist who likes to defy the odds and take on challenges that make you grow and stay grounded. I believe in goodness of paying forward and in the power of human connections. My family is my center that makes me do better, try harder every day. Seeking to be whole, not perfect.
Divya Anand: Co-Organizer and Event Experience I’m a working mom, a wife, and an avid dancer. I believe in being grateful, appreciating everything, and mindful living. I’m a simple easy-going person, enjoys little things and love to spread positive vibes. I love to laugh, eat, travel, and create beautiful memories with my friends and family.
Anu Ganesh: Head, Community Reach ‘Connecting people’ is my motto and I constantly seek out opportunities to widen my horizons. I enjoy getting like-minded together to motivate, support, and inspire each other.
Oliver Same: Head, Partnership Engagement; Catalyst Purpose driven and passionately curious. Thrives on learning and connecting with people. I can cook and it’s my thing.
Kailas Pramodh: Head, Design and Creatives 25 yrs of professional career, UX Architect by profession, creative by nature, and an avid photographer.  Self-motivated to capture the unseen and inspire others to see the world differently.  
Divya Vikram: Specialist, Marketing As a community leader, avid volunteer, and social entrepreneur, I strive to bring about change, especially in regards to helping those with incurable neurological diseases. While leading school organizations including Women in STEM, Leo Club, and Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA), I am also 1st chair oboe in Wind Ensemble, a Girl Scout, and a member of the high school varsity swim team. I enjoy music, graphic design, traveling, and reading.
Allison Wang: Specialist, Marketing Hello! Aside from being actively involved in various organizations, I enjoy helping out within the community whenever possible and immersing myself in vibrant cultures with inspiring individuals. I am also a flautist, dancer, and debater, and I’m motivated to put in the necessary time and effort towards causes I deeply care about.
Teresa Richardson: Event Experience I have an ability to bring people and organizations together, encouraging collaboration and leaning into the philosophy of servant leadership in order to gain the best from my work partners and my community.

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Speaker Coaches

Sharissa Sebastian
Sharissa Sebastian is a leadership and executive coach with an MBA, MSc in Technology Leadership and her PCC Certification from the International Coaching Federation (ICF), as well as a Myers Briggs Certified Practitioner. She has 15+ years of corporate leadership experience in addition to coaching several Fortune 100 leaders and executives.
Lawrence Henderson
Lawrence Henderson is the Owner/Chief Learning Officer for Business Operational Support. Ever the goal achiever Lawrence says, “I can’t expect clients to drink the Kool-Aid if I don’t do it myself”. This played out on the TEDx Youngtown stage where he put himself in position as a thought leader with his mantra “Actions over ideas always win!”
Angela Buttimer
Angela Buttimer, MS, RYT, CHC, LPC is a leadership and mindfulness expert. She delivers her expertise through multiple modalities: keynote speaking, consulting, executive coaching, individual and group coaching, psychotherapy, corporate training/retreats/facilitation. In 2017, she delivered a TEDx talk, “Defusing Stress with Mindful Mojo” and serves as a speaker coach for executives and current and aspiring TEDx speakers.
Anthony Trendl
Anthony Trendl is speechwriter and public speaking coach. Leaders of Amazon, Walmart, and SAP call on him for executive communications advice. He is known for bringing literary flair into his speeches, and human warmth into his business relationships. He loves working with TED speakers because their enthusiasm matches with ideas for making people closer, better, and happier.
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Video Team

Lihee Freeman: Video Team My name is Lihee Freeman. I am very passionate about videography and editing. I love capturing stories and inspiring others. Film-making is the best way to engage viewers and deliver a powerful message and I’m looking forward to helping these incredible women make a difference in our community.
Kiran Kashyap: Video Team Work and fun do not juxtapose one another. Rather, a great project is made with a balance of sweat and laughter. As said by our childhood icons “Hakuna Matata”. It really is a wonderful phrase

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