Christina Joy Whittaker

Christina Joy Whittaker is an award-winning, in-demand personal and leadership development coach, speaker, and thought-leader. She has graced international stages, speaking and spreading her message in front of international audiences ranging from United Nations dignitaries to high-ranking government officials to corporate CEOs. In all that she does, Christina remains committed to helping professionals find their voice, communicate their authentic value, and rediscover and redefine their life and career on their own terms to attain success in the workplace and marketplace.

For more than 10 years, Christina has been a sought-after expert and advisor in communications, professional and personal branding, working with executives and professionals at major companies including Deloitte Consulting, The Walt Disney Company, the NBA, and worked in some of the most coveted Fortune 100 board rooms in the country. Known for her bold, game-changing leadership style, Christina took her corporate experience to a personal level with the launch of the high-performing, personal and leadership development coaching firm, Pivot Brand Group.

As a corporate partner, she guides teams on how to create safe-spaces for authentic personal and leadership growth in multi-generational and diverse work environments (especially for women and professionals of color) that nurtures inclusion, peak-performance, leadership development, resiliency, empowerment and unraveling the imposter syndrome.

As a development coach and brand strategist, she helps professionals discover their purpose and leverage their personal career and brand stories to create career and business opportunity both in and out of the workplace and marketplace.   

As a champion for hope, Christina marries infuses the message of hope with practical strategy as she delivers consultations, keynotes, workshops, panels and coaching programs that give guided steps toward making lofty (and unspoken) vision and goals, a reality.