Hannah Testa

Hannah Testa is a 17 year old honors student from Cumming, GA, but she is not an ordinary teen. While she loves her family, friends, and art, she is passionate about issues that affect our planet and she has been using her influence since a young age to educate others, as she believes that “knowledge is power”. She is a sustainability advocate, international speaker, author, politico, and founder of Hannah4Change, an organization dedicated to fighting issues that impact the planet. 

Testa excels at partnering with businesses and government to influence them to develop more sustainable practices.  She has received numerous awards including the Teen Earth Day Hero by CNN, the Young Superhero for Earth Award by Captain Planet, the Action for Nature International Young Eco-Hero Award, the Gloria Barron Prize, and many others.  She is a board member, advisor, and youth ambassador for several organizations.

She is incredibly passionate about animals and environmental issues that have an impact on wildlife.  Hannah has presented to thousands of adults and children across the world – as well as big businesses and local, state, and international government officials – on plastic pollution and practical ways residents can reduce their plastic footprint.  She has used her influence to work with governmental leaders and business executives to make sustainable decisions. 

Pre-order Hannah’s book, Taking on the Plastics Crisis, coming out on Oct 13th, 2020, here.