Melanie Flores

Melanie Flores leverages an engineer’s mind, a teacher’s heart, and a gardener’s hands to empower children and help people share memorable experiences together.

She approaches everything, and everyone, with an eye for not just how they are today, but what they could become tomorrow. Nothing inspires her more than seeing brilliant ideas emerge from humble roots, especially when they come from a child.

Blending a technical background with a passion for human connection, she enjoys opportunities to create things from scratch. She started up Corning’s optical fiber factory in the Charlotte, NC area, founded a popular kindergarten engineering design workshop based on a famous MIT course, and led the STEM coaching team serving Easter Seals teachers across metro Atlanta.

Her work has been featured by TEDxJacksonville, Women 2.0, the National Association of Independent Schools, Engineering is Elementary, MIT’s pK-12 Action Group, and many other entities.

She and her family are now building to spread fun and joy through 14-year-old Sebastian’s 3D greeting card and DIY kit designs.