Naomi Seligman

Naomi Seligman is the president of Tower26, a strategic communications and public affairs agency, and the former director of communications for Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti. Her hard-hitting strategies have transformed leaders and organizations into powerhouses of influence, putting clients on the map for over 25 years, in a career spanning both coasts of Washington, D.C. and Los Angeles.

In the wake of #MeToo, she has worked to help sexual assault survivors find their voice and take meaningful action. She has also led largely successful local, state, and national campaigns for advocacy organizations, elected officials, mission-driven corporations, tech innovators, and entertainment industry luminaries through robust partnerships, cutting-edge tactics, creative marketing and media buzz.

In her political advocacy work, she has helped end the careers of some of the most corrupt members of Congress, targeted the NRA and its allies, exposed front groups covering for corporate interests, and rooted out conservative misinformation in the media.

She has worked extensively on Capitol Hill and has continually fought for those who needed a voice throughout her career.